November 27



This is when we went to the VSSE  which is the Victorian Science Space Education Centre . my favourite thing of the is part was going into mission control and saving the people on Mars. (not really on Mars) and my second favourite is going to Mars. (again not really on Mars) and doing experiments I did the acid experiments.


November 15

Antonyms and synonyms

Antonyms are the opposition meaning of some thing else for eg. Good and bad. Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning.

here are some antonyms

good bad

queen King

up down

far wide

nhappy sad

smart dumb

roof floor

Empty full

Top bottm

Open closed

Now here here are some synonyms

happy cheerful

Unhappy sad

Good happy

fast quick

skinny lean

far wide



November 10


imageThis is the circus activitie we had to guess what the times were in the the chart all of them went for a certain time so it made it harder some of my was right like the clown school and acrobatic



October 26

Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

caret and carrot

fair and fare

pear and pair

hair and hare

live and live

See and sea

son and sun

by and bye

be and bee

eat and eight

lie and lye

ad and add

sew and so

no and know

meet meat

tale and tail

tea and tee

bawl and ball

red and read